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Museum Of Flight – Scottish National Aviation Museum

The Museum of Flight in East Fortune is the Scottish National Aviation Museum and is also a part of National Museums Scotland. This museum is located in the hangars and other buildings of East Fortune airfield. Museum of Flight welcomes public for the first time in the year 1975 and since then, it has garnered a lot of attention and grown by manifolds. This museum is very different than Dunbar Museum, John Gray Center Coastal Communities Museum, given that it focuses on a different subject all together. Here, you will find history but it will be all about aero planes.

About The Museum Of Flight

Museum of Flight showcases a huge collection of aircrafts that complete and in good conditions. The number of aircrafts in this collection is over 50 and is accompanies by many models of aero-engine, aircraft parts, models of aircrafts and a library of images and publications. The whole museum is divided into different hangars and there are a few important buildings as well. Following are the main hangars at the museum.

museum of flight
The Museum of Flight in East Fortune is the Scottish National Aviation Museum and is also a part of National Museums Scotland

Jet Age Hangar

Jet Age Hangar is where all the aircrafts from the current time are displayed. A major section of this hangar is given to the Concorde. This aircraft traveled from Heathrow Airport to East Fortune in the year 2004. Along with the aircraft this hangar also exhibits the various aspects in the development of this magnificent aircraft.

In the Jet Age hangar you will also find the cockpit of a Hawker Sidley Trident, the restored cabin and cockpit of Boeing 707, G- APFJ and many more other exhibits.

Hangar 1

Hangar 1 serves as the conservation hangar and is not open to public.

Hangar 2

Hangar 2 is the Military Aviation Hangar. Here you will find all the aircrafts used in the military starting from Supermarine Spitfire Mark XVI, TE462, built at the end of World War 2. You will also find all the post war aircrafts like Jaguar, Tornado, harrier, Naval Sea Hawk and many more.

Hangar 3

Hangar 3 is where all the Civil Aviation aircrafts are parked. This hangar has some beautifully displayed aircrafts and other items related to civil aviation. The classic aircrafts that are at display in this hangar are Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer, Avro Anson and De Havilland Dove. A number of smaller aircrafts, hand gliders and gliders are also on display here.

Fantastic Flight Building

The Fantastic Flight Building is the place where the visitors get to interact with exhibits which let them understand the principles of flying. There are huge number of interactive exhibits like a hot air balloon, a wind tunnel, an aircraft that can be loaded to demonstrate gravity and the best of all, a flight simulator.

Other Buildings

The Parachute Store is in a building which was used for the same purpose and showcases how parachutes were hung, folded and stored. There is a Radar Room which lets the visitors have an insight into how the radars work and introduces them to different types of radars. Fortune of War building houses an exhibition that portrays the story of East Fortune Airfield and also has audio-visuals about the life of individuals who serve in the RAF.

Facilities At National Museum Of Flight

This museum is extremely family friendly and has everything a family will need to have a good day here. It has an onsite restaurant, toilets, pushchair friendly design, baby changing areas, disabled toilets, parking and many more conveniences. The entry to this museum is paid and you have to pay for kids as well.

Opening Hours

National Museum of Flight opens at 10am  and closes on 4 pm, everyday from Saturday to Sunday. This place is open all through the year, given that it has both indoor and outdoor spaces.

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