Prestongrange Museum: Details Of Scotland Industrial Revolution Through Art


Prestongrange Museum is in Prestongrange which is a site of massive importance for Scotland’s Industrial Revolution. The name Prestongrange has been derived from the medieval village Preston which means ‘Priests Town’ and ‘Grange’ was a farm that belonged to a religious house.

This place was a harbor in the 16th century. In 17th century it became the home for glass works and subsequently in 18th, 19th and 20th century it became a hub for pottery, coal mine and brick works. It is believed that coal was first mined at Prestongrange some 800 years ago. Prestongrange Museum is located on the road between Prestonpans and Musselburgh.

For centuries this place was a centre of intense industrial activity and it still has the remnants of the industries that were once working here. Many of the structures are still in good condition which includes the Hoffman Kiln and the Cornish Beam Engine. This place is similar to the National Museum of Flight given that it is focused on one particular part of the history which was crucial for the development of East Lothian.

Prestongrange Museum
Prestongrange Museum is in Prestongrange which is a site of massive importance for Scotland’s Industrial Revolution

Prestongrange Museum

Prestongrange Museum is an open-air museum which is free for all. This Museum has both the indoor and outdoor areas and a must visit during all seasons. The site is located in the middle of a woodland, therefore it is green and picturesque and you can also enjoy the wildlife while wandering around looking around at the manufacturing units of salt, clay pipes, soap, fine pottery, chemicals, glass and even beer.

Guided And Audio Guided Tours

At Prestongrange you can for a professionally guided tour or you can opt for an Audio guided tour. Both the options will take you through the history of the place and will tell you the stories of the industries and the people who worked in them. The guided tours are paid and need to be booked. The mining activities were stopped here in the 1970s and since 1993, Prestongrange is under the care of East Lothian Council Museums Service. The council has made tremendous efforts to raise funds and convert Prestongrange into a Museum for the locals and the tourists.

Prestongrange Museum – Kids And Activities

Prestongrange is a kid friendly place. The museum has planned a number of activities for kids to keep them happy and busy. They can play outdoor games, can have fun with activity sheet and there is also an indoor play area for smaller children. Prestongrange Museum hosts activities like Tin Tuesdays, where the families can come in with their babies and toddlers and explore the history of the place through stories, games, songs and crafts.

Prestongrange Museum – Kids And Activities
The museum has planned a number of activities for kids to keep them happy and busy.

Pithead Canteen

The Pithead once was an eating place for miners. Now, it has been revamped and converted into a modern café that serves drinks {hot/cold}, snacks, sandwiches and special snacks for kids. The place has been designed to accommodate families and is always open with warm baked food and some of the finest teas.

Learning Resources

Prestongrange Museum has built a lot of learning resource that can be used to learn more about the industrial history of Scotland.  It has also created Loan Boxes of resources which can be loaned from them by schools and other institutions. These Loan Boxes have different subjects.

Best Time To Visit Prestongrange Museum

The best time to be in Prestongrange is from April to September. During this time you will find the Visitor Centre, the café, historical buildings and exhibitions open. Rest of the year, the park is open but the facilities are not. So, if you visit before April or After September, you will have to help yourself around by calling on the numbers mentioned on the signposts.

Official Website

Prestongrange Museum has an official website, where you will find all the details about visiting the website, upcoming events, tour bookings and much more.

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