ABC is strong armed with a team that loves museums and want the natives of Scotland as well as travelers from other countries to know their importance. People {vacationers} usually tend to overlook museums when they are on a break because these places take time and lot of patience but we at ABC are dedicated towards changing that mindset and introduce people to museums in East Lothian.

The museums in this area have been together painstakingly and are extremely while being educational.

Scottish history is grand and intriguing and there is no better place than the many museums in East Lothian which are been started and run by the East Lothian Council. Each of these museums is brimming with historical facts and they have made their mission to reach out to as many people as possible through family events, conferences, exhibitions and much more.

ABC is focused towards creating awareness about the importance of a Museum in a culture and tell people about the different museums present in the area. The plan is to start talking about museums and slowly make people more interested in the concept of understanding the history of the place they are visiting and story behind every little local tradition that has baffled their minds.

At ABC, we strive hard to collect and present authentic information about each of the museums in the area, so that our readers can make calculated decisions while travelling with family and friends.

Our Mission

We, at ABC have made it our mission to put these museums in people’s travel itinerary. Museums are important for every culture and in Scotland if you do not know the story of the castle you are standing in, you have missed out on a major piece of information from the past.  So, next time you are in Scotland, ask us and we will tell you which museum you should visit first.

Our Vision

ABC has a vision to enlighten people about the museums in East Lothian and to make them a ‘must visit’ on every travel plan.


Museums are important because of the type of content they store and ABC wants travelers to understand that when you skip a museum, you skip a story that would have changed the course of your journey.

East Lothian is full of top class museums that can take an individual thousands of years back in the history of the place and inform them about the people of those times, wars, settlements, epidemics, victories, statistics, climate and many more such important pieces of information and ABC plans to let travelers know about these museums. By visiting the museums we:

1. Get a new perspective of the place
2. Learn the history of a place
3. Get inspired by the glorious history
4. Have fun while learning something new
5. Get food for conversation
6. Meet like minded people
7. Contribute to the tourism efforts of the area
Our aim to make people understand the above mentioned points and help them enjoy their vacation with some in depth knowledge of the history.