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Ten Fun Activities You Can Do In East Lothian


East Lothian is a picturesque area filled with breath taking views at every turn. This place is a heaven for backpackers looking for peace and beauty but that does not mean this place is not fun. East Lothian is dotted with places that are fun and can be visited to have a good time with family. If you have kids, you have check out this list of 10 fun activities you can do in East Lothian. All of these places are nestled in the beautiful outdoors of the small towns in the region.

Jaberwocky Softplay And Café

Jaberwocky Softplay and Café is a great place for the complete family. The kids can have a magical experience here while the adults can relax and rewind. This is one of the famous indoor attractions of East Lothian and is a must visit if you travelling with kids.

Scottish Seabird Centre

Scottish Seabird Centre is a perfect setup for an up close wildlife adventure with family. It is an interactive place with a Discovery Centre, café, seasonal boat trips and a gift shop. Here, you can use the interactive cameras to zoom in on the wildlife and experience them like never before. This is a good set up for a whole day out with family and will be a fun activity for but adults and children.

John Muir Country Park

John Muir Country Park is named after John Muir, who was a naturalist, conservationist and explorer. This park offers a range of activities like pony rides, barbeques and wildlife trails and is also a great place for birdwatchers. This place is ideal for nature lovers who would like to get lost in the beauty of East Lothian. There is also a huge Children’s park, cold shower and WCs {Water Closet}.

John Muir Park
John Muir Country Park is ideal for nature lovers

National Museum Of Flight

This place is the right place if you want to trace the history of aviation from its beginning to the current famous Concorde. The gallery at National Museum of Flight is interactive, so here you can find out how to fly an aircraft using simulation and check out the planes used in World War 1.

John Gray Centre

John Gray Centre is the place where you will find the complete history of East Lothian. It houses the Archives and Local History Department and can tell you everything about East Lothian from the Prehistoric times to the current day. It talks about the various settlements, famous people, rulers and even the wars the area and its people have faced in the past.

Glenkinchie Distillery

This distillery is located in the centre of the East Lothian countryside. Glenkinchie Distillery is the place where you can learn how Edinburgh Malt is produced. You can take a tour of the brewery and understand each and every step of the process. There is also a museum for your enlightenment.

glenkinchie distillery
Glenkinchie distillery is the place where you can learn how Edinburgh Malt is produced.

Archerfield Walled Garden

Archerfiled Walled Garden is an ideal place to spend a fun filled day with little ones. The place is filled with fairy trails for kids. It has been designed to make for a magical experience for the kids and adults can have a good time as well. There is also a garden Café at the Garden that serves a delicious menu along with a gift shop for souvenirs.

East Links Family Park

East Links Family Park is located right outside Dunbar and is a good place for fun activities with family. This place offers various activities like Train Safari, Go-karting, outdoor farm animals and much more. This place is a good setup for families that love the outdoors and would like to spend the whole day playing fames and trying new activities.

Dunbar Leisure Pool

Dunbar Leisure Pool is an ideal place for lazy day out in the water. The place has a wave machine, flume pool and water jets. It is a good place for young families to have fun in East Lothian for a few hours.

Dunbar Leisure Pool
Dunbar Leisure Pool is an ideal place for lazy day out in the water.

Foxlake Adventures

Foxlake Adventures is located in the heart of East Lothian and is a perfect venue for families that love adventure and water sports. This place has UK’s only ropes course which has been constructed over water. Foxlake adventures is a must visit for adventure junkies.