The Coastal Communities Museum is looking for volunteers!

The Coastal Communities Museum opened in summer 2013. It is located above North Berwick Library, on School Lane. The Museum is run by volunteers in partnership with East Lothian Council.

The Museum is only able to open to the public because of its volunteers. They tend to have an interest in the local heritage of the Coastal Ward which extends from Aberlady to Gullane, Direlton, North Berwick and Whitekirk. Some are involved in helping create Museum’s exhibitions, some are working on marketing the Museum and others on fundraising and getting sponsorship. Yes, we are always looking to increase our volunteer numbers in these areas but we have a critical need for more Museum volunteers to work “Front of House” so that the Museum can increase its days open from the current Saturday and Sunday during the Winter Feast Exhibition. You see, without alot more of them we cannot keep the Museum’s doors open as much as we and the public say they would like. They are after all the “face” of the Museum interacting directly with our visitors.

What does a Museum Volunteer do? Well, apart from being able to smile alot and like talking to people, they are part of a team who welcome visitors, answer any questions they may have and are conversant with the Coastal Ward area. We ensure our new Museum volunteers are properly trained and briefed on all exhibitions. We attach them to work with experienced volunteers as part of their development into the role. Volunteers always work in pairs and choose sessions which last around 3 hours to suit their own circumstances. All we ask is that they are aged 16 and over and can fulfil preferably at least two sessions a month when they are available.

What does a Museum volunteer get out of the role? You know, it really is a great way to meet like minded people, make new friends whilst at the same time having some fun! Volunteers have also been to see all the old North Berwick Museum’s items in the East Lothian Council Store, attended some interesting talks and been able to go to some great exhibition and Christmas parties in the Museum as well! On 6th March we put in Museum teams for the Rotary Club of North Berwick’s Quiz Night held at the Fire College in Gullane.

So, if you would like to know more about what volunteering is all about and especially the “Front of House” side, why not get in touch with our Head of Visitor Services and Volunteering, Richard Rogers, by e-mail at or by phone on 01875 871232 ? We really need your help so please don’t be shy! And by the way, every volunteer gets free membership to the Friends of The Coastal Communities Museum with all the benefits that brings! Come on, send that message or pick up your phone, Richard is looking forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Gwencon says:

    This is an amazing idea. With people with art enthusiasm give a helping hand to make the museum more captivating and more conducive to learn and appreciate the coastal communities museum.

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