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Hello my name is Rebecca and I have been on work experience with East Lothian Museum Services. This week I have been working with Sarah Cowie as well as other staff who work in the ELMS.


I went to Haddington Infants School to teach them old fashioned playground games.  I played with primary 1 children and I think they really enjoyed themselves. We taught them a few rhymes then showed them the various toys that our parents or grandparents may have played with when they were in primary school. I had lots of fun despite the cold weather!


I went to Dunbar Town House in Dunbar. First I had to clear out the cupboard which had lots of art and crafts for the children when they came to the museum. Then I attended a meeting where we discussed what displays would be put up in the John Gray Museum after nearly two years from opening. It was quite interesting. In the afternoon I was back at the Museum headquarters in Haddington. I was shown objects that were put in the unprovenanced section, which required research. I was given a Servant bell which was in a wooden box and on it said “ALEX RUNCIMAN. HADDINGTON”. First I looked through the Day Book where all the objects handed in are recorded. I couldn’t find anything. I researched the name and found an Alex Runciman that lived from 1878-1915 which suits the time period as the servant bell is electrical.


I spent the morning looking at unprovenanced coal mining books as I had found that some had been recorded in the day book. Unfortunately I was unsuccessful. I was only able to rule out that none of them had actually been recorded and that I some books had once belonged to someone as their name was written inside the books. In the afternoon I went to the John Gray Centre to do some more research about Alex Runciman and his Plumbing shop. I found out when he died, how he died, where he lived and where the shop was. I also was able to get access to old Haddingtonshire Couriers. It was fascinating and I was really enjoyed myself.


I went to Prestongrange Museum to help out at a Pottery workshop with primary 4/5 children. They made their own pot out of clay and I helped them when they started having difficulties. It was good fun and the children had good fun getting their hands all messy. Afterwards I helped to clear everything away and then I came back to the museum headquarters. In the afternoon I typed up all my findings from the day before about Alex Runciman.

Friday:I only have a half day today so I helped create a ’12 Day of Christmas’ event for John Muir Birthplace and John Gray Centre. It was good fun and nice to be able to relax on my last day. I also filled in a questionnaire about my week.

 I have thoroughly enjoyed myself this week and I would like to thank all the staff involved with making my Work Experience fun and interesting. Thank you!

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