My Work Experience

 My work experience at the Museum Headquarters was terrific. I think the time I spent here has really shown me what the real world is like and it has also showed me there’s a lot more to do than what I do in class at school. There was lots of interesting stuff in the museums that were pretty cool and interesting.

 On the first couple of days I helped out on the computer and also helped out in the store which was great especially handling the museum objects. On the second day I went to the Dunbar Town House and helped put away an exhibition. On the 3rd and 4th day we went to schools and showed them some Egyptian and Roman objects they really liked these objects, the bones in particular. It was great seeing the P3s being so interested in the artefacts such as Horse bones, pieces of pottery, roman coins, old jugs and some other stuff. On the Friday I went to the John Gray Centre and done some front of house work it was quiet so I didn’t have much to do, then I came back to HQ to write this blog.

Overall I have really enjoyed working here for my work experience and everyone was really nice and welcoming.


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