Oh the places we will go…

Happy new year to all our lovely readers! So, this morning, to ease everyone back into work, I asked people in the Museums Office: Which was your favourite museum you visited in 2012, and where would you love to visit in 2013?

Their answers will hopefully give you some inspiration of where to visit this year!

Helen, Digital Resources Officer: 

I was lucky enough to visit the V&A Museum last year, and was able to see their ‘Hollywood Costumes’ exhibition – brilliant and inspiring! The exhibition was a great combination of costumes, interviews (with videos and holograms) and scene-setting. What amazed me was how small the costumes were, makes you realise how much ‘larger than life’ the big screen really is. I’d like to see the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich – I haven’t been since it was redone, and it sounds as though it’s a lot of fun, with lots of imaginative use of technology to make it a really interactive museum. Sounds like a great place to go with the family.

Kate, Principal Museums Officer:

I really liked the Scottish National Portrait Gallery - a great building and some fantastic paintings. I was surprised to see landscapes there, but liked the concept of a portrait of a landscape and the contrast was good. I came away wanting to visit again and to bring the children. In 2013 I want to take the family to the Natural History Museum as they will love it there and a trip to London would be exciting!

Tracy, Visitor Services Officer:

I went to Blists Hill Victorian Village at Ironbridge last year which was fantastic.  It was like stepping back in time.  You could get money changed into ‘old money’ at the Victorian bank and spend it in the shops.  The Victorian school lesson was really good, and stopped the kids complaining about what they have to do at school.  The Village was featured on the Christmas episode of Downton Abbey this year where they showed some of the characters attending a fair.  Not sure about plans for this year yet, but looking forward to the Viking Exhibition at National Museum of Scotland.

Me, Museums Education Officer:

I absolutely loved the BALTIC in Newcastle when I visited it in September. It’s such an

View from the Baltic

amazing building, and I really loved the exhibition by Mark Wallinger. There was also a wedding on the day we were there which gave added viewing excitement! I (rather ashamedly) have never visited the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, so I plan to do that this year, hopefully in the next month!

So there you go, a variety of different cultural/heritage places we’ve been, liked and recommended! Do tell us your favourites and tips for 2013!

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