An Elf learns from Spiderman about responsibility…

Can you believe it’s December this weekend? I most definitely can’t!

 Although saying that, I did spend last Sunday dressed as an Elf for our Victorian Christmas event in Dunbar. We were making willow Christmas trees with artist Tanwen, which were amazing! Visitors could also make snowflakes, or pantomime puppets over at John Muir’s Birthplace.

 Being dressed as an elf definitely gives you a new perspective on things. Quite a few children asked ‘Are you a real elf?’, or ‘Are you busy making presents?’ or ‘Have you seen santa today?’ or ‘Have you seen my Christmas list yet?’

An elf and santa pose for Christmas! An elf and santa pose for Christmas! One little boy chatted away to me for a while, as we looked through a book, whilst his older sister and parents made a willow tree. His mum came over and said ‘Well, he never talks to people. You must be the real thing!’.  Children also seemed pretty happy to follow the advice of the elf -I got a group of teenagers to help me tidy up a children’s craft table, families would come into the museum if I stopped them on the street and asked, and I managed to get right into all the stalls without queuing in the market outside! What’s that saying? With great power comes great responsibility…Thanks Spiderman.

  However, my favourite part of the day, was after we’d seen Santa arriving to switch on the Christmas lights (which didn’t go on immediately, sending a group of men in fluorescent jackets scurrying to a passageway next to the museum). I went to collect my car, to load up all our lovely Christmas things from the day to bring back to the office, drove it up the very steep Silver Street in Dunbar and as I got to the top there was a big traffic jam so I rolled down my window to shout to Tanwen that I’d go around the street again. At which point, I heard the shout ’Look, it’s the elf we met earlier!’. Everyone waiting to cross the street then looked at me, stranded in the sea of people in my car, still dressed in my elf suit, and started waving and shouting. ‘What you making me for Christmas?’ Hi, remember me elf?!’ I eventually managed to drive off, with one mum’s shout reaching me just as I turned into the High Street ‘Don’t drive elf for leather now!’.

 Thank you people of Dunbar, what a fun afternoon we had, and you made this elf very happy

 My next outing as an elf? Saturday 21st December at the John Gray Centre for our Festive Fun afternoon! Come join us!

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