New Museums on the horizon

15 days to go until the John Gray Centre fully opens! I’ve been working on the Centre since I first joined the Council 4 years ago, and at that point there were plans, lots of ideas and lots of work to be done. Now we’re almost ready to open it feels like these final few weeks are flying by. We’ve had a few final teething problems – our feely seaweed keeps breaking up so we’re now replacing it with fake seaweed for example. But overall it’s looking pretty good and I’m really excited about the first visitors getting in to see it all. You can check out a film of the library within the Centre opening last week on our YouTube  site. It opens on 30th March at 10am, so come along and be one of the first upstairs, or wait until the weekend to get inside for a glimpse. Opening hours are available on the John Gray Centre website.

We also have Dunbar Town House Museum and Gallery reopening, as well as Prestongrange reopening for the new season on 1st April. Dunbar Town House will have an exhibition called ‘Dunbar in Living Memory’ which includes topics like the new school in Dunbar, how housing has changed, what people did in their spare time in the past and lots of memories from Dunbar people. There is also going to be a dolls house replica of the building, charting its history, made by members of the Craft Clinic from the Fisherrow Centre. You can check out photos on our Facebook page.

Prestongrange Museum reopens on 1st April too and we have a few new additions our visitors might see. The wall outside the Visitor Centre has been rebuilt, and work to restore the Hoffman Kiln is underway. Two new ramps have been installed across the train tracks at the east end of the site to allow better access for everyone. New signage is going to be installed in the next few weeks so do keep a look out for it if you’re driving along the coast road between Prestonpans and Musselburgh. The exhibition at Prestongrange this year is going to focus on the end of industry at Prestongrange as this year is 50 years since the colliery closed on site.

Remember of course that John Muir’s Birthplace is open all year round. Their new exhibition ‘Gude Fecher – John Muir the Campaigner’ opens on 28th March so do pop in to find out more about the lovely man himself!

So, hopefully that’s enough to tempt you along for a little visit! Check out our upcoming events on our website. Our What’s On booklet is due out on 30th March so pick up a copy from any of our museums to find out what’s in store for the year ahead! You can also follow us on Twitter – @ELMuseumService.

Hope to see you soon!

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