Work Experience

Hello my name is Blair, and I have just done my work experience here and I enjoyed it very much and was quite interesting too. Work experience is a part of school where you’ve to go to work for 5 days roughly and see what it’s like in the world.

Monday was the start of the work experience. In the morning I was given a tour and introduced to some of the people that work here. Later on in the morning I had to update the conditions of some of the stuffed animals as well as take photographs of them. After lunch we went to Prestongrange Museum and helped prepare for a school visit. I had some trouble with a pully system but eventually got it working.

Tuesday I had some trouble getting to and back from Prestongrange Museum but sorted it out with a lift from my step granddad. I was assigned to help a group of the pupils and advise on the talks of the staff (as in if the words they were using were too long or that they were going over the same thing again). A highlight of the day was a working toy steam train. I enjoyed this day very much and it was one of my favourites.

Wednesday I was helping the office staff sort postcards and letters. I also helped with website design and a mascot for the John Gray Centre.

Thursday was very enjoyable for me as we visited the National Portrait Gallery before it opened. It was great to see as otherwise I wouldn’t have gone there so it was a great morning for me. After lunch we picked out Victorian objects like a iron and washboard for a school. 

Friday was also enjoyable as we went to see the John Gray Centre. It looked pretty good even without anything in it. It was very well planned out. I’m currently writing this blog which is the last thing I’m going to do on work experience. All in all, it was a very enjoyable time here and was very interesting as well.

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