Quite literally, Lights Out Doors Open

So last weekend was Lights Out, Doors Open weekend at our museums. On Friday evening in Musselburgh we had around 30 visitors join us in the darkness to explore the museum with their torches. Families were challenged to complete a quiz about Musselburgh’s history and most people managed to score 10/10 (well, because I’m soft and let them go back and change wrong answers!). John Muir’s Birthplace wasn’t quite as busy, but Pauline told lots of lovely stories to keep those entertained who did come in.

On Saturday at Prestongrange, we had a 60s theme with families making their own groovy dancing figures or badges, after following a trail in the dark, up to the Powerhouse. But half way through the event, suddenly, all the lights went out. The kids starting going ‘ooooooohh, yeah!!!’ But I started going, ehhhh, what’s happened?? Ironically, on Lights Out Doors Open night, we had a powercut! We managed to get everyone out safely and on their way home. I went to close up the visitor centre with the other staff and then we realised….the front shutter was powered by electricity and doesn’t have any manual override. So we were stuck til the power came back on! We phoned Scottish power who said it would be on by about 11pm. At this point it was only 8.30pm. So Kate came to join me, and Debi and Kevin set off home.

Kate and I sat there, in the complete darkness, with a couple of torches, tea lights and flashing dragonflies to keep us company. We realised that with the electricity going off, our freezer of Lucas ice-cream was rapidly melting, so of course we had to have an ice cream or two to keep us going. It got a bit spooky at one point, so Kate grabbed an umbrella and I, a flask of vaguely warmish water, just in case. Eventually at around 11.45pm, just as Kate was on the phone to Scottish Power again, the lights came back on. We managed to get everything locked up and off we went home! So, as the title says, it was quite literally, Lights Out Doors Open at Prestongrange…

Join us for our Halloween party – who knows what will happen?!

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