It’s been a busy summer…that’s my excuse

I know I haven’t written alot on the blog recently. As it says above, my excuse is that it’s been a really busy summer! Kevin has been keeping you up to date on a few of our big events at Prestongrange. We have been so lucky with the weather both times. For each event, in the week leading up to it, I would literally be checking BBC Weather every day with crossed fingers. And most of the time it was still sunny, no matter what the weather person may say! Multi-Cultural Day is 18th September. I can’t wait, but have lots to do before then. Am particularly looking forward to henna painting and Chinese Tea Tasting.

Apart from being busy with events, we’ve also relaunched our schools programme, or ‘Learning Programme’ as it’s called now. Bookings are flying in for our loan boxes, particularly Vikings this year around. I’m also trying to get a project up and running on the physics of Prestongrange – so how we can use historic machinery as a way of pupils learning about physics principles. It didn’t help that the first few emails concerning that project had me spelling it psychic….that’s a whole other project.

The John Gray Centre is also developing rapidly. I’ve been working with people from the local community to do Personal View cases – their views on East Lothian’s history. Really interesting, I won’t give them away just yet. Watch this space…

This week we got access to Dunbar Town House again after refurbishment. It’s looking amazing! We’re now just trying to get things into it!

Anyway, I’d better go. It’s a busy day with volunteers in and we’re just going to have a catch up with them all before they head off for the day. More soon, I promise, although maybe after Multi-Cultural Day!!

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