Technology and the Museum Debate in Dundee

Last week I spoke at the ‘Technology and the Museum’ debate in Dundee as part of the NEON festival. Whilst there, I visited the McManus Art Gallery and Museum – it is looking great after its refurbishment. Personally, I always prefer museum displays to art displays, but I thought the McManus brought both together really well. I loved the way they used their exhibition space to explain the role of museums, whilst giving visitors information about the objects. One example of this was a display of a shrunken head. For many years visitors had thought it belonged to a human but during refurbishment, it was examined by an expert who said it was probably a monkey. Shame!

The Zoology Museum at Dundee University where the debate was held was also a curious place. I got to see a Koala’s skull and bottled mouse. Very intriguing! I was going to make some jokey link there between mice and a computer mouse but I’ll leave it. Rachel Bhandari from Museums Galleries Scotland was also speaking at the debate, alongside Richard Brinklow from the McManus. It was an interesting night all round – for me especially to know that still only 12% of Scotland’s Museums have a presence on Facebook, 5% on Blogs, 4% on Flickr, 5% on YouTube and 11% on Twitter. Interesting that we’ve not had much success with Twitter as yet, but we get huge hits on Flickr and YouTube. Rachel’s also written a blog about the event so you can read more about what her highlights were too! Oh, the interconnectedness of the internet…

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