Two museums in Taiwan

Time flies. I can’t believe that it’s my last week to work in ELMS. Feel sad… Before I leave, I would like to introduce some museums in Taiwan on the museum blog. I will present two museums, National Palace Museum and Taipei County Yingge Ceramics Museum. Hope you like them. 

The National Palace Museum in Taiwan collects a variety of collections about ancient Chinese culture, such as jade, ceramic, calligraphy and paintings. For example, the Jadeite Cabbage. It looks fresh, close to the real one, fantastic.

 Cabbage Jade                                              Meat Stone

The MeatStone. I suppose that many visitors would like to taste it because that it looks delicious! Apart from the jade and stone, you can visit other exhibitions by the web site.

 In the Taipei County Yingge Ceramics Museum, the museum displays exhibitions, all related to ceramics. The museum has developed pottery-teaching online learning resources, like  As a result, visitors can access it without time and space limitation. Teachers can access it to support their classes as well.  

 The two museums in Taiwan are different from East Lothian Council Museums. All of the museums can play different roles and they can attract different visitors. It is good to introduce the two museums in Taiwan on the museum blog, which is really interactive. Hope you like the cabbage and the meatstone. Yummy!! 

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  1. Yu-Ting says:

    There is a similar collection in East Lothian Council Museum, Ceramic cabbage leaf plate, was moulded and coloured as a cabbage leaf. It was produced in Prestonpans.

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