High Street, after 1913

High Street, looking East

High Street, before 1913

High Street, looking West

High Street, Memorial and Cinema

Church Street, looking South

Church Street, looking North

Church Street, 1950s

Church Street, looking South

Church Street, Seton Lodge

Church Street and Fowler Street

Church Street, Fowler Street, Coal Neuk

Church Street, looking North

Elder Street

Winton Place

Bridge Street

Winton Place drinking fountain

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Houses and shops

2, 4, 6, 8, 10 New Row

Meeting House

Model Coal Cart

Tranent Tower

Railway Inn

Tranent Lodge

Church Cottage

Church Street

House at top of Coal Neuk

Brig Brae

Bookmark: James Laidlaw (front)

Back Close

Bookmark: James Laidlaw (back)

Public housing plans

High Street, Laidlaw & Son

Mill near Seton Castle

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Big houses

Seton Castle

Stair Park

Fa'side Castle (a)

Seton Palace

Fa'side Castle (b)

Elphinstone Tower

Round tower, Seton Palace

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Free Church Manse feu charter

Church of Scotland family tree

Free Church Manse feu charter, page 2

Free Church Communicants Card

Free Church School

Free Church Communion Roll, 1849

Communion Token, 1861, obverse

Communion Token, 1827

Communion Token, 1861, reverse

Kirk Session record - drunkenness

Tranent Parish Church

St. Martin of Tours Church

Tranent Parish Church (print)

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses

Tranent Methodist Church

Seton Collegiate Church

Wishart Church

Witchcraft (text)

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Tranent Public School

St Joseph's Industrial School

Ross High School

Tranent Infant School

Tranent Primary School

Certificate of Merit, 1916, front

Roll of Honour, First World War

Certificate of Merit, 1916, back

Letter accompanying Roll of Honour

Table: number of pupils, 1834

Letter accepting teaching post, 1847

School provision and curriculum, 1834

Free Church School fees, 1852

Plan of Tranent Infant School

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Opening of first Co-op shop, 1862

Prize winning window display, 1927

Window display, 1927, close up

Window display, 1927, close up

Prize winning display, interior

Prize winning display, interior

High Street building

Shops and Farms

Central Premises, Bridge Street

Horsedrawn bakery van

Horsedrawn van, driver and customers

Works Department motor van

Dairy - milk crates and workers

Milk bottling machinery

Market Gardens motor van

Tranent & Haddington Co-op bakery van

Fleshing Department motor van

Decorated horse drawn lorry

Horse drawn delivery van

Adniston Farm

Horse drawn delivery van

Commemorative biscuit barrel

Bankpark glass houses

Church Street Building

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Tally lamp

Group of miners, 1910

Acetylene lamp

Map of underground workings

Safety lamp

Beam engine, Fleets Colliery

Miner's cap

Fleets Colliery

Four miners underground

Fleets Colliery Baths

Coal output competition

Plan of Fleets pithead baths


Elphinstone miners

Colliery company housing

Elphinstone miners

Act regarding slavery of miners

Women & children in the mines (text)

Act abolishing slavery of miners

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Tranent Massacre

Commemorative statue

Book cover

Official version of events

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Museum objects

Tranent Provost's chain

Mak'Merry dish

Mak'Merry bowl

Mak'Merry jar

Mak'Merry jug

Mak'Merry crafts display

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Adair's map

Forrest's map

Odnance Survey map, 1854

Map of landmarks

Ordnance Survey map, 1907

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