'The Provost asked why I was interested in the job and I said 'The job was right for me and I was right for the job.' I shared a small office with my boss, Cairns Boston.'

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Sand yachts on Belhaven beach

Sand yachts on Belhaven beach.

The 1960s saw major developments in tourism and summer events. This was mainly due to the first Publicity and Entertainments Officer, Cairns Boston. A Tourist Office was opened here on the ground floor.

'Cairns started a sand yacht club on Belhaven Beach and friends and relatives were roped in to join.'

'The 'Night up the Close's were a laugh at the time. I remember one time there weren't enough tickets sold so they couldn't have the thing in the hall as it would be desolate so they had it in the foyer outside.'

'The first set of guitars were hand made by Jimmy Bains' brother. We were just fifteen and we used to play at the dances at the pool at the midnight bathing.'

Local acts also provided entertainment for the summer visitors.

'The sixth centenary celebrations were a wonderful week! We already had our yearly civic weeks but this was extra special Dunbar pulled out all the stops.'

Nick and the Sinners

Nick and the Sinners.

Programme for Dunbar's 6th centenary celebrations, NAS B18/20/20

Programme for Dunbar's 6th centenary celebrations.

Dunbar celebrated the six hundred years of being a royal burgh in the summer of 1970. Events included an exhibition in the Barracks, gala parade with floats, boxing, a civic reception, ball and celebrations in the Barracks square with the roasting of a 700lb bullock.

'At lunchtimes we would take the 'tranny' round to the Glebe to get a better reception from 242 Radio Scotland and listen to Stuart Hendrie's show.'

The Radio Scotland pirate radio ship berthed off the swimming pool was closed in August 1967, when the Marine Broadcasting Offences Act outlawed pirate ships.

The number of clubs and social organisations for all ages grew throughout the century as people had more time for leisure activities.

'I was about fifteen at the time. Some of us wore 'Daily Express' hats given out for Dunfermline Athletic, and scored out 'Dunfermline Athletic' and put 'Dunbar United' on them.'

In 1961, the Dunbar United's Junior team won the Scotland Junior Football Cup at Hampden. The team were given a heroes' welcome in the High Street when they came home to a civic reception in the Town House.

Dunbar Utd win the Junior Football Cup

With the cup, 1961.

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