Current Exhibitions

We have a range of temporary exhibitions which take place across our museums. All our exhibitions are free to visit, although donations are welcome. You can find some of our exhibitions online:  here. You can find out about staging your own exhibition at one of our venues, here!


Prestongrange Museum

Wild Prestongrange: Encounter the animals and plants of Prestongrange
Friday 25th March to Friday 30th September

Discover the animals, plants, flowers and mini-beasts that inhabit Prestongrange in this lovely exhibition. Learn some surprising facts, hear natural sounds and have fun with our family activities.


Dunbar Town House Museum and Gallery

Garden Lane: Open Studio
Kathy Beckett

Saturday 21st May to Sunday 26th June


Open Studio is a space to share and design ideas for creative components within the Backlands development off Garden Lane. Folding feedback cards are available amongst other interactive elements and we welcome your ideas. Delivered in conjunction with North Light Arts.


John Gray Centre Museum

Whirrs, Cogs and Thingmabobs!

Saturday 4th June to Wednesday 3rd August


Whirrs, Cogs and Thingmabobs is a fascinating exhibition in the John Gray Centre Museum using the weird and wonderful collection of Maurice Collins. The exhibition showcases gadgets, inventions and labour saving devices from yesteryear such as a coconut grater, a skirt lifter and a glass fire alarm. The display consists of a variety of unusual, unique and often beautifully designed objects and is a fun display for all the family to enjoy! Why not visit, put on your crazy, creative thinking cap and take the opportunity to design your own mad invention or follow our family trail?

John Muir Birthplace

An Ingenious Whittler - John Muir the Inventor

Saturday 5th March to Sunday 31st July

This exhibition explores the amazing machines that John Muir invented to make life easier.  His designs included clocks and barometers, study desks and 'early rising machines'. Sit on the loafer's chair for a noisy surprise or draw up a blueprint for your own invention!


Musselburgh Museum

History of Musselburgh Curling Club
From the 1st April 2016

Musselburgh Museum will host an exhibition about the history of Musselburgh Curling Club which was founded in 1816. The exhibition will display many wonderful items of historical interest, video presentation, many old trophies, club records and photographs.


Coastal Communities Museum

'99 OBJECTS: a History of the Coastal Communities'
Open Wednesday to Sunday, plus Bank Holidays until Sunday 4 September and then weekends only until 27 November 2016

Each of the 99 OBJECTS making-up the exhibition has its own tale to tell, which invites the curious visitor to examine and explore in greater depth the centuries of history or indeed pre-history of our local area. Visitors to the exhibition can chose to travel through time by opting to view objects from different centuries or instead select objects with a common thread.  From Numbers 1 to 99 there is something for everyone, but only each visitor can determine their top ten objects. One of the highlights of this exhibition is the spectacular display of the lens from the original  Bass Rock lighthouse (1902). This was dismantled and stored away on-shore when the lighthouse was de-manned in 1988.  Now they have been reassembled for the first time and along with accompanying material about the geology, history and wildlife of the Bass Rock provide a key source of information about this famous local landmark.