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Bookings for our workshops are only taken via the booking form provided. Please do not call the museums to book a space as we are unable to process them. Our workshops are designed to be accessible and we have volunteers available to support children with additional support needs to take part. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss this further: or

Romans in Training

14th July  I  9.45-11.15am  I  John Gray Centre  I  £3.60 I  5-12 years
Discover what the Romans left behind, take part in Roman soldier training school & make some Roman crafts to take home.

Wild Animals!

15th July  I   10.30-12pm  I  John Muir’s Birthplace  I £3.60  I  4-8 years
Find out about John Muir’s love of animals through his amazing stories. Play animal games, sing songs, and create your own wild animal to take home.

Messy Nature Art

17th July  I   9.45-11.15am  I  Dunbar Town House  I  £3.60  I  5-12 years
Become a garden explorer for the morning as we learn more about the natural world, then make some messy art using our finds! Wear clothes you don’t mind getting messy!

Egyptian Canopic Jars

18th July  I  1.30-3pm  I  Prestongrange Museum  I  £3.60  I  5-12 years
Find out more about the amazing Egyptians! Discover what canopic jars were used for and make your own clay jar to take home.

History Alive! World War One

19th July  I  12.30-3.30pm   I  John Gray Centre  I  Free, Drop in no need to book  I  5-12 years
Meet Florence, a Recruiting Officer and Airship Engineer during WW1. Explore our exhibition ‘Our War: East Lothian 1914–18’ and hear Florrie’s story.

Museum Mystery

28th July  I  9.45-11.15am  I  John Gray Centre  I  £3.60  I  5-12 years
Something has gone missing from the museum overnight, can you help track it down? Become a security guard, look for clues, dust for prints then help us create a new museum display.

Victorian Time Machine

29th July  I   10.30-12pm  I  John Muir’s Birthplace  I  £3.60  I  5-12years
Step back in time as we dress up and take part in a day in the life of a Victorian, just like John Muir. We’ll be playing games, learning to write with a quill, going to school and doing some chores!

Fossils and Dinosaurs (sold out)

31st July  I  9.45-11.15am  I   Dunbar Town House I  £3.60  I  4-8years
Some dinosaurs have escaped in the museum! Help us track them down, hear some stories, see some fossils from Dunbar, and make your own dino mask!

Active Archaeology

1st Aug  I  1.30-3pm  I  Prestongrange Museum  I  £3.60  I  8-12years
Find out more about being an archaeologist as we do an indoor excavation, make some crafts and handle objects from the past.

History Alive! World War One

9th Aug  I  12.30-3.30pm  I  John Gray Centre  I  Free  I  5-12
Meet Florence, a Recruiting Officer and Airship Engineer during WW1. Explore our exhibition ‘Our War: East Lothian 1914–18’ and hear Florrie’s story.


11th Aug  I  9.45-11.15am  I  John Gray Centre  I  Drop in no need to book  I  £3.60  I  5-12years
Find out what happened at the Battle of Prestonpans, see some real-life Jacobite objects and make your own sword and shield.

Plant Power

12th Aug  I  10.30-12pm  I   John Muir’s Birthplace  I  £3.60  I  8-12years
Learn how to identify different plants and flowers, carry out some experiments, and plant some seeds to grow at home.

Pirates Ahoy! (sold out)

14th Aug  I  9.45-11.15am I   Dunbar Town House  I   £3.60  I  4-8years
Come aboard our pirate ship, find out about pirates from Dunbar, track down some treasure, learn a pirate song, and make your own pirate goodies to take home.

Terrific Trains! (sold out)

15th Aug  I  1.30-3pm  I  Prestongrange Museum  I  £3.60  I  4-8years
Visit the trains and engines around the museum, build a huge train track, and make a mini train to take home.

Families & Family History

30th Aug  I  10.15-3pm  I  John Gray Centre  I  Free  I  5-12years
Drop in for storytelling, facepainting and a chance to meet our World War One soldier (role-playing!). Storytelling in the library in the morning, facepainting and other activities in the museum in the afternoon.